We strive to provide both a first class service and a partnership, approaching the admissions experience together as a team with our clients. The university application process is complex, and our results at Syzygy lend credibility to our claim that we are expert in navigating the intricacies of this process. However, we aspire for more. We aim for relationships with our students and their families that not only maximize the end result, but also make the application process fun and rewarding. The areas in which we believe we add the most value to our clients include the following:

Where to Apply

Our deep knowledge of the academic strengths, social characteristics, and special programs at top universities, combined with our extensive experience reviewing admissions results, allows us to help students put together an optimal list of schools to which they should consider applying.

Gaining Admittance

Syzygy does not “get a student into university.” It is the abilities of the student that largely determine his or her admissions outcome. However, by helping students craft their applications and understand the individual application preferences of each university, we put them in a better position to succeed.

Essay Writing

The Common App and university-specific essays have taken the place of what the interview used to be in the admissions process: a chance to shine in the eyes of the admissions officers who read them. Syzygy has a core team of essay specialists who work very closely with our students, helping them to best express themselves in this important and often very time-consuming written work.

School Visits

We plan and organize college visit itineraries for our clients. Our knowledge of the local geographies and individual university offerings helps our clients optimize their time and makes for more productive visits. Additionally, through our broad network of relationships, we can arrange campus meetings with students, professors, and administrators, greatly enhancing the standard information sessions and tours offered by each university.

Standardized Testing Strategies

We help students with important decisions regarding standardized test taking, including whether to choose SAT vs. ACT vs. both, whether to take subject tests and which ones to take, and whether to apply to test optional schools. We have long-standing relationships with many ACT/SAT preparation companies. Although we do not provide tutoring ourselves, our knowledge of the process and our close relationships with tutors help provide the best outside support to maximize the chances of improving a student’s test scores. We maintain close contact with these tutors throughout the full term of our work with the student to ensure we are well briefed on his or her progress and aligned with the tutor to best serve each individual student’s needs.

Interview Coaching

Many of our clients are required to participate in interviews for a variety of academic and professional endeavors, including college admissions, merit-based and other scholarships, and work internships. We work closely with our clients to help prepare them for these interviews. Our interview coaching services include assisting the students with researching and understanding the positions or roles for which they are interviewing, helping the students enhance their self-understanding and self-awareness, providing advice regarding the students’ presentation skills, and mock interviewing.  

Communication and Cooperation with Secondary Schools

Secondary schools are required to submit three major pieces of information to universities: the transcript; a counselor reference; and two teacher references. We use our knowledge and experience from teaching and counseling in international secondary schools to assist our students’ counselors with better representing the students’ activities and accomplishments in a way that makes sense to admissions officers.

Merit-based Scholarships and Special Programs

Our students have won eight Robertson Scholarships in the last eight years. This scholarship pays all university expenses including tuition, room, board, and books for all four years at Duke University or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 2019, our students won merit-based scholarships at the following universities: Brandeis University; University of California, Davis; University of California, San Diego; Case Western Reserve University; University of Colorado Boulder; University of Miami; Miami University (Ohio); Pratt Institute; Rhodes College; School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Tulane University; University of Virginia; Washington College; and University of Washington (Seattle).  Our students have also had significant success gaining admission to special university programs such as the Huntsman Program at the University of Pennsylvania and the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program.

Extracurricular activities

In addition to academics, extracurricular activities continue to play an important role in college admissions decisions. We assist our students in their efforts to identify and secure extracurricular activities outside of their school environment including work experience, summer programs (academic, leadership-focused, and other), and academic and other courses.

Other services

Depending on the specific needs of the student, Syzygy also adds value in many other areas including:

  • Study habits

  • Mentoring

  • Communication with art, music, dance and drama departments within universities

  • Communication with university sports coaches

  • Course selection

  • Extra time and other accommodations

  • Post acceptance protocol