Clients’ interests come first

We strive to help our students identify and ultimately gain admission into those universities in which they will thrive and succeed.

Integrity and Honesty

Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. Our ethical obligations extend beyond our clients to include our co-workers and the universities with whom we interact.

Quality of Our Work

We take great pride in the professional quality of our work.

Our People and Our Reputation

Our most important assets are our people and our reputation.

Team Approach

We take a team approach to helping our clients, incorporating the diversified experiences and expertise of each of our team members.


The commitment of our people to our clients and the effort they give to their jobs is greater than that found in most organizations. We do not charge our customers the top rate in the market, but try to charge “fairly” so we can compensate our people competitively.

University Specific Principles

  • Colleges have very distinct missions and cultures. The choice of where a student attends university is an important one.

  • There is usually no one “best university” but instead many potential universities where a student can learn, be happy and flourish.

  • The university application process entails hard work by the student, but students should not have to sacrifice their last two years of secondary school in order to be successful.

  • The application process can and should be both rewarding and a learning experience. We endeavor to make the experience one that will make our clients better students when they arrive at university.

  • The application process can and should reinforce the honesty and integrity of the student.

Our approach to client communication

  • We are committed to responding to client requests quickly.

  • We communicate with parents as well as students, honoring as best we can the preferences of each.

  • We admit when we do not know something, and then do our best to learn and communicate the answer quickly.

  • A high level of professionalism is required of our team in all we do.

  • We are extremely thorough and detail oriented in all of our communication and documentation.

  • We endeavor to be optimistic but realistic about university prospects for each student.