At Syzygy Global Education, we take incredible pride in our essay advising. Your student will be paired with a Syzygy essay specialist who will act as the student’s personal guide throughout the extensive and time-consuming admissions essay writing process, from the first brainstorming session for the Common App essay to the last supplemental essay of the final school. Our specialists tailor the process to each individual student, but our core principles are always the same.

Personal investment in our students’ stories

We believe that to help students truly capture who they are and what they offer as applicants, our specialists must invest in getting to know our students as people. We take time to learn about and listen to our students, taking a special interest in the “stuff” of great essays: their defining intellectual interests, talents, life experiences, aspirations, and moments of growth, as well as the hallmarks of their voices and personalities. This enables us to provide our best professional guidance on how to capture in writing all that a student has to offer.

Highly detailed and constructive feedback

Once our students begin writing and sending us drafts, our goal is to provide feedback that nurtures them as writers at the same time as it pushes them to make the essays at hand as strong as possible. We place no limits on this process: students will exchange drafts with us until they have produced a piece of writing for every prompt that meets our standards of excellence and truly brings them pride.

Open lines of communication

We are always happy to hear from our students and their families. Students should feel free to reach out to us whenever we can provide support: acting as a sounding board for ideas, talking through questions, offering advice on writer’s block, or weighing in on a judgment call. Equally, we include parents on our communications if they would like to watch the process unfold in real time, and we are always happy to touch base regarding the student’s progress.

Two-specialist advisory teams

At Syzygy we believe it is highly beneficial to assign two essay specialists to each student, with one specialist assuming the primary role. Our purpose for this approach is twofold: 1) to enhance the overall quality of our advising by adding another voice and perspective, and 2) to ensure the student always has backup in case the primary essay specialist is unavailable when support is needed. In these cases, the secondary specialist will be up to speed and ready to provide support to the student at any point during the essay writing process. With the exception of fees associated with time spent in the primary essay specialist role, there will be no charge for the secondary specialist.

The absolute highest quality standards

We have rigorous standards of excellence at Syzygy. Our highest priority in the essay writing process is to provide the structure and guidance that empowers our students to reach their full potential as admissions essay writers and university applicants. At the end of this time-consuming process, we consider our job complete when our students send off essays that are thoughtful, polished, and deeply authentic to who they are and to what admissions readers must know to truly and fairly evaluate them as applicants.