Syzygy has three pricing plans: A flat fee US applications plan costing $14,000,  a flat fee plan for applications to the UK, Canada or Europe costing $3,500, and an hourly plan for $375 per hour. The flat fee is most economical for those that start the process early and need our full range of services. Because the level of services needed and the number of schools being applied to differs dramatically among families, we hold discussions with each family at the outset of the process to determine which plan fits best. The ideal time to begin the process is after the sophomore year of study (post GCSE year), although it is sometimes worthwhile to begin earlier. To incentivize an early start we keep our flat fee the same regardless of start date. This gives us time to get to know the student and help with extracurriculars, special talents and individual needs.

Complete process US package: $14,000

This package consists of a flat fee to cover our full range of services. We provide each student and family with a bespoke consulting package reflecting their needs. Services continue until the student is enrolled in university. Advisory services offered to students under the flat fee package include the following: understanding individual university admissions standards; creating a targeted university list; course selection and extracurricular activity involvement; communication and cooperation with high school counselors; navigating the Common App process; essay writing; crafting the overall application; planning and organizing of college visit itineraries; preparing for admissions interviews; applying for merit-based scholarships and other special programs within universities; communication with university coaches and art/music/dance/drama departments; and post-acceptance protocol with universities.

Complete process package for either the UK, Canada or Europe: $3,500

This packaged consists of a flat fee to cover our services for students making applications to the UK, Canada or Europe, and covers one of these application systems. Our services cover university selection, application strategy, assistance with application portals such as UCAS and Studielink, essay writing and post-application strategy.

Select services package: $375 per hour

A fee of $375 per hour that is charged for specific services requested. Fees charged are based on time spent with client as well as preparation time. A $1000 down payment is requested for choosing this option.